Tub Refinishing – Tub Reglazing Care Instructions

Tub Refinishing also referred to as Tub Reglazing is procedure for applying a polyurethane coating to be able to enhance or renew the look of the fixture of yours. Tub Refinishing is fairly the just like the finish on a car and should be cared for in an equivalent manner to prolong the lifespan of the finish.

You will find a variety of things one must do to enable the reglazed surface to keep going. When you don’t comply with these simple care steps the lifetime of the finish of yours may be cut down considerably and also perhaps void any warranty offered to you.

These’re the actions one must take to take care of your refinished tub or reglazed tub:

Do not use the surface area with the specified number of days or perhaps hours indicated by the business.
Do not lay soap, cloths, sponges, bottles or perhaps any items on the surface at any time! Try using a shower rack instead.
Do not allow leaking faucets go unrepaired!
Do not use abrasive cleansers. No S-O-S pads. No Comet. No razors. NO ABRASIVES AT ALL! The Tub Refinishing Near Me will clear very easily with spray cleaners and a gentle sponge.
Do not make use of bath mats with suction cups underneath. They might pull at finish and capture water.
Do not pick floor dust off with the finger of yours. Any surface dust may dissipate in 3 4 weeks with regular usage and cleaning. Waxing also helps.
Do not use bathtub or perhaps other glazed surface to scrub clean brushes or perhaps any painting related materials or chemicals. Keep harsh chemicals from tub. Do not clean or perhaps store sharp or perhaps abrasive products on surface.
Do not permit workers position in a reglazed bathtub with the shoes of theirs on. Ask them to remove shoes & place a gentle towel down.
Do not put or perhaps store some items in finished surface or a tub that might damage or perhaps cut the surface area.
Do ensure the room is nicely ventilated &read all makers cautions and directions. ALWAYS use the good sense of yours, be smart and safe.
Do make sure you can find no gaps or holes in any grout or perhaps caulking in the shower of yours. This may lead to wall damage along with a costly repair expenses.
Do make use of Tilex – Lysol Tile Cleaner – Mr. Clean – Fantastic. NO POWDERS, NO ABRASIVES, only a soft sponge.
Do save your tub neat and wipe it down with a bath towel after each use. You do not need to wipe it dry.
Do keep caulking around the bathtub.
Do WAX your reglazed tub 2 weeks after it’s finished, and then as soon as every 1 3 months thereafter. Use common auto wax and Don’t OVER BUFF. Start by very first carefully washing the area then lightly wiping dry. Then apply a light thin light layer of wax with a damp cloth using lightweight circular motions. Wipe too much wax with a gentle dry cotton towel.

With these directions in mind you are able to rest assure you’re taking care of your freshly refinished tile or tub in the correct manner and staying away from the costly blunder of voiding some warranty provided to you.

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